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Sun & Soil L.L.C. specializes in the development and distribution of the next generation of anti-soil stain protection, sun protection and weatherproof  protective spray coatings that incorporate U.V. anti-fade resistant technology for use on soft coverings. 

Established in 2005 in response to overwhelming consumer requests, Sun & Soil L.L.C. has raised the bar for excellence in the field of stain protection and sun protection textile finishes with the introduction of Solar Shield Protection® , Ray And Rain Repellant®, and Solar-Seal®.  Sun & Soil L.L.C. actively seeks to develop new and better technology for the fabric treatment industry and the worldwide consumer.

In 1999, with the assistance of Fabrex Inc., a dedicated group of chemists, chemical engineers, consultants and testing performed by an independent laboratory of Atlas Material Testing Technology (, Sun & Soil L.L.C. started developing a line of fabric weatherproof treatments that protect textiles from dirt and fading from the sun.  These products have over three years of "laboratory" testing and five years of “field” testing.

Solar Shield Protection® is specifically designed to protect indoor / outdoor textiles from spots, spills, dirt and to prevent sun fading.  It is the perfect protection for car upholstery, boat interiors and patio furniture.  Easy to apply, safe on almost any fabric, durable and invisible to the eye, Solar Shield Protection® will not change the color of the fabric, is safe to apply, safe for the consumers to be around, and best of all really works!  Solar Shield Protection® acts like an industrial “Scotchgard with sunscreen” for fabrics.

Ray And Rain Repellant® is specifically formulated to stop sun fading and soiling and for waterproofing fabric awnings, tents, tarps, boat covers, umbrellas, flags, beach bags and golf bags or to weatherproof any of your outdoor fabrics"

Solar-Seal® Protection treatment combines the greatest anti-soil protection available with the latest in ultra-violet chemistry.  This clear, totally invisible, highly durable micro-emulsion formula is not water based and can safely be applied to almost all interior fabrics, drapes, oriental rugs and carpets.  This revolutionary new treatment not only protects your textiles from spots and spills but also from fading and color loss caused by the sun.

At Sun & Soil L.L.C. we strive to give our clients “peace of mind” and the confidence that they can use and enjoy their indoor / outdoor fabrics with a minimum of care and concern.  All of our products are specifically formulated to provide stain protection and sun protection with the highest level of anti-soil and “sun fade” ingredients and to protect our clients’ investment, weatherproof and maintain the original appearance of their indoor / outdoor textiles.


Sun & Soil L.L.C.
1357 State Route 28
Loveland, Ohio 45140




In the Cincinnati, Ohio area from I-275 take Exit #57 (Milford-Blanchester, State Route 28) go east toward Blanchester/Goshen.  Continue on State Route 28 approximately 2 miles.  Sun & Soil is located past Frisch’s restaurant on the right hand side of the street.  Look for the gray building with the white trim with the BIG purple awning and especially the purple mailbox.

Hours of operation: 

Sun & Soil L.L.C. can be contacted by phone Monday through Friday from 8:30 A.M. to 5:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time or 24/7, 365 at our web sites.

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